Project Management Steps


R.C. Systems has the experience, resources, and expertise to fully automate your system, from start to finish. Dedicate R.C. Systems as your partner in every phase of industrial automation. We are committed to quality, every step of the way: initial project consultation, design, build, point-to-point testing, installation commission, training and more. Our all-inclusive process runs smoothly with the help of our project managers, responsible for maintaining the planning, scheduling, and communications between teams and outside vendors. These communications include progress reports, which keep the projects running on track and within budget.

The scope of our capabilities is as follows: our control panel assembly shop and design and systems house can supply equipment, ranging from a single panel fabrication to complete turnkey systems solutions. We have over 20 years automation experience across a diverse range of industries, and can tackle automation in many industrial applications.

Likewise, we are experienced and familiar with all major processes, standards, and programming requirements. R.C. Systems engineers and programmers can work with both standard and customized equipment, allowing you freedom over the type of machinery or controls in your system.


The foundation of our process is the knowledge of systematic behavior and interactions, and we apply cost-effective, efficient and timely solutions.

Our process starts with an initial analysis of the system: process behavior, information flow, industry situation, and organized needs and goals. Our approach leverages these dynamics to find solutions with the greatest commutative improvements across the greater system. R.C. Systems prioritizes the automation solutions for clients, and recommends solutions to optimize efficiencies among interrelated system components. 

Our process encompasses the client's current and future needs. We generate continuous improvements through feedback that address both current needs of control and future requirements.

R.C. Systems implements automation solutions and control processes to coordinate data transfer and effective feedback throughout pivotal points of the system. These solutions include advanced monitoring, trend analysis and smart alerts to keep operations running smoothly. Automating the flow of information across your system satisfies both current and evolving needs.

Requirement Specifications Development 

R.C. Systems will review your system with your team to develop Requirement Specifications for your system.  Requirement specifications act as a customized plan-of-attack for systematic improvement. They detail the deliverables of the project, outlining functionality, capabilities, software or communication interfaces, hardware, performance, configuration, testing, and release.

Our designs, documentation and models ensure a mutual understanding of the project proposal. These designs enable a quality, cost-effective development implementation of the project into your system. They also eliminate unexpected issues upon installation and integration into existing systems, contributing instead to solutions that operate smoothly, in line with your requirements.

We request client sign-off on the design, documentation and design process, prior to initial development. After receiving confirmation, we develop your project within our factory and test the solution as it is developed.

Engineering... Quality by Design

Project Management

Our approach improves productivity, efficiency and reliability. It covers every part of the process, from project development to installation, commission and more. We develop a solution to best support the unique dynamics of your system, and meet your immediate needs and goals.